Bluetooth Keyboard Light

I recently purchased a nice wireless bluetooth miniature keyboard in order to control my computer and beamer from the couch. There was a little problem, whenever it was dark i couldn’t find the right keys on the keyboard! Thats why I installed a little Led lighting up the whole keyboard! Read more for the whole Mod! I opened up the […]

Night Vision

Yes, thats right! I will show you how to build a fully functional night vision device!  Press read more for the whole How-to! At first you will need an old analog camcorder. I bought 3 of them for 10 € on ebay. They are very cheap and full of useful electronics. The part we’re interested in is the viewfinder on […]

Illuminated Watch Box

I recently purchased a nice watch as a gift and I wanted the box to be something special. I decided to equip the box with some Leds which turn on everytime you open the box. Read more for detailed pictures! You will need some basic components: Leds, a flat cell battery, a battery holder and some kind of switch. I […]

Simple Led Flashing Circuit – Sponsored by

You like playing around with Leds? Then build a simple Led flashing circuit! You want more? Read more after the break! This post was sponsored by Farnell. I got all the parts I needed from Check out the links next to the components! 100R   Resistor 1K   Resistor 2N2222   Transistor 330 uF   Capacitor Led The capacitor value isn’t critical. A lower […]

Dummy Security System -Sponsored by

You own an old car and would like to scare off thieves? Build your own fake security system! I got all the parts i needed from Farnell Electronics! Also check out Element14! Parts Required (All available out the links next to the components! resistors: 1k, 10k, 680k   Resistors capacitor: 10µF radial   Capacitors LED: red superbright, 5mm diameter  LEDs 7555 […]

Halloween Combine Costume

Doesn’t everybody love Halloween? Just take a look at these sweet costumes! If you want to see how we made the masks and costumes, read more after the break! First of all, if you’re not familiar to combine, read this. The masks are military gas masks, model Dräger M65 Z. We glued 6 blue and 1 green led inside. The […]