Bluetooth Keyboard Light

I recently purchased a nice wireless bluetooth miniature keyboard in order to control my computer and beamer from the couch. There was a little problem, whenever it was dark i couldn’t find the right keys on the keyboard! Thats why I installed a little Led lighting up the whole keyboard!

Read more for the whole Mod!

I opened up the bluetooth keyboard and located a laserpointer which was pretty useless for me.

The laser diode runs on 2.6 Volts. I unsoldered the diode and soldered some cables to the contacts:

After closing the keyboard and pulling the wire through a little whole I attached a little blue Led.

Now I’m able to see the keys in the dark – just push the Laserbutton and the Keyboard lights up! In order to disperse the light I put a long piece of plastic on the side of the keyboard:


  1. I swear, you are a goddamn genius. If I could handle a soldering iron without burning myself, I would actually attempt to do this, but when around burning things, my hands become less accurate than flippers. 🙁

  2. On my work laptop (a Thinkpad) there's a light built into the screen that you can turn on and off with a function key. I kind of miss that on my personal laptop sometimes (mostly when I need to type numbers, I can touch type everything else), so I really like what you did here!

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