USB LED indicator Power Bank from Laptop Battery

A situation many can relate to: an empty smartphone battery and no outlet around! That’s exactly why I recycled an old laptop battery into an USB power bank. Follow the link for the full article with close ups of the electronics and insights into the building process. This article will show you the basic powerbank circuit consisting of Lithium cell […]

Homemade Candy Catapult

In this post I will show you how to build a fun candy catapult! Click here for the tutorial. This project requires basic woodworking skills,  so parents help your kids! The first step is gathering all the needed components,  tools and materials. You will need the following pieces of wood (all of them have a profile of  48mm*24mm):  4x 44cm […]

Silverlit X-Twin Remote with External Power Supply

I recently stumbled across a lot of small scale RC planes using LiPo batteries and most of them had a charger integrated into the battery powered remote. Why waste batteries on charging when you can use an external power supply? Click here to see the detailed tutorial on how to mod your Silverlit X-Twin remote to support external and internal […]

Homemade Railgun Experiment

Yes, that’s right. After gathering all the materials I built my first little railgun experiment. Read the whole article after the break! Let’s first take a look at how a railgun or magnetic accelerator works, a video about the whole topic can be found here. Similar to a coilgun, a railgun works by magnetic propulsion.A basic railgun consists of three […]