Woolen Touch Screen Glove

This was or still is a pretty cold winter! The only problem – taking your gloves off and playing around with your phone is just too cold! I will show you how to transform a woolen glove into a touch screen glove!

Read more for the full How to!

I discovered this by accident! This method should work with most of the touchscreens. You will need a pair of woolen gloves and a tube of thermal compound. I used a cheap one for 3$ !

All you have to do now is take some of the thermal compound and put it onto the glove like shown in the video. Try to incorporate the thermal compound very good, it will take some time but it is totally worth it!
 Once you’re done put on the glove and test it on your touchscreen! It is as simple as it sounds!
Give it a try! The result can be seen here:


  1. I have used the gloves to operate my touch screen mobile but I got difficult result while typing the text. thin size groves will be ok for use. its really great idea. 🙂

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