Neuralizer Wannabe

I think all of you are familiar with M.I.B?
Good! Then you should know this device:

So I built my own memory-ereasing neuralizer:
It uses a flash circuit from an old disposable camera and doesn’t quite match the original, but it was good enough for a local theme party!
 One button for charging the other for flashing!

This was a fun little toy and is still connected to awesome party nights… !


  1. Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I have a big flashbulb that goes to an old 35 MM camera I have, and I pretend it's the neuralizer all the time, but this is way better!!

  2. ROFLMAO!! Reminds me of a time my oldest son "HEARD" about a way to build a 'taser' using the caps from a disposable camera and got a little careless in disassembly of the camera, and just as I was about to warn him of where NOT to touch, he got ZAPPED by the cap' and his whole arm went numb for about 20 minutes! I laughed so hard I just about pissed myself! Those cap's DO hold a powerful charge, so be careful when you use them, folks!!

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