Ball throwing machine

Some time ago I started building a little ball throwing machine intended to entertain my dog.
I didn’t really finish it due to lack of time but here you can see what I ended up with:

 More pictures and videos after the break!

The basic design is a conveyer belt driven by a geared motor. There’s a pin attached to the belt, which pulls back the slide.

As you can see, the conveyer belt is driven by a geared motor. Originally this was a cordless drill.

Here you can see the pin which is pulling back the slide.

These are the rubber bands.

Make sure to watch the video, there’s a little interesting surprise at the end:


  1. You did all this by yourself? That's amazing!
    I mean, it's not too complicated a design, but it would've never occurred to me to do something like that.
    Thanks a for sharing this, and I liked the arm at the end of the video!

  2. All I can say is: 'wow'. Astonishing piece of engineering. Looks very professional and actually… a bit 'military-grade'. I can't wait for your next invention : )

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