Electric bicycle 2.0

Since it is finally getting warm outside again (Yea!) I decided to take out my old electric bicycle and finish everything! There were tons of emails and questions about the bicycle and the motor, so here’s a post that’ll hopefully answer most of your questions! Click “Read more” for pictures and further information! So lets sum up the materials: I […]

Illuminated Watch Box

I recently purchased a nice watch as a gift and I wanted the box to be something special. I decided to equip the box with some Leds which turn on everytime you open the box. Read more for detailed pictures! You will need some basic components: Leds, a flat cell battery, a battery holder and some kind of switch. I […]

Woolen Touch Screen Glove

This was or still is a pretty cold winter! The only problem – taking your gloves off and playing around with your phone is just too cold! I will show you how to transform a woolen glove into a touch screen glove! Read more for the full How to! I discovered this by accident! This method should work with most […]

Line Laser for 3D Scanning

Recently I stumbled upon laser based 3D scanning. All I needed was a line laser, but I didn’t want to buy one because they’re kind of expensive. So I just built my own using stuff I had lying around: Read more if you want to see another line laser concept, 3D scan results and a video. I’ll start with the […]