Barbecue fan

The first question:
If you want to know what emerges from the combination of these four gadgets, read more after the break!
The combination of these gadgets isn’t difficult at all.
Just see for yourself:

normal computer fan
 Just remove the fanblade from an old, small computer fan.
Be careful and don’t break the ballbearing – you can use it for something else later.

this is a body massager, they were distributed at a local party for free!

Remove the electric motor from the body massager. These motors are pretty useful because they run at 3V and have stable ball bearings. (..and of course: I got this one for free at a local theme party )

Now you have to remove the motor’s weight in order to attach the fanblade. The fanblade should snap right onto the motor’s axis.

Remove a gumcan’s bottom and make a hole into the top.

Attach a piece of an aluminum pipe to the can.

Final step is to insert the motor with the attached fanblade into the can! Hook it up to a battery and you’re ready to go!
 Watch this video!Results and live-action inside!


  Now have fun at your next BBQ !


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