homemade diy mars world model

Mars World

Mars World
After I built my little rover I decided to create a small model of mars’ surface.
The rover should drive around in this model while being observed through a webcam.
I took original NASA photos and built a artificial horizon:
Original NASA Images:
This is the result:
and out the rover’s sight:
Just as if you drove around Mars yourself:
Probably I will set up a webpage so that anybody is able to control the rover over the internet.


  1. I've always wanted to work with little robots or make my own with Lego Mindstorm. I've yet to do it, but I'm not dead yet. There's still hope. Good luck with the rover, do you plan on adding sand and rock to the model as well?

  2. Great job with that rover, and the landscape looks pretty legit. I only ever tried with the Lego Mindstorm, and that was frustrating as hell. Glad you got yours to work, from scratch!

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