homemade diy cnc machine


In this post I will show you my homemade CNC-mill.

The mill is entirely made of stuff you can get at the hardwarestore.
I did not use pricy step-motors but cheap and strong geared motors from electric screwdrivers.
Threaded rods were used to create a prepulsion-mechanism.
This is the Z-axis.
X and Y axis:

Just attached my dremel

and milled the first piece.



  1. Stepper motors are used for precision, x number of pulses = x number of steps = x distance. I'm no expert at all, I'm currently in the build stage, but to my knowledge the few different types of CNC control software that I've messed around with so far for checking that my drivers are working properly, send step pulses over parallel or serial port, or in the case of Pronterface USB. This would not work with other types DC or AC motors. How or what software are you using to control these screwdriver motors? Even though you would completely through accuracy out the window, I still think it would be cool to be able to mess around with brushless DC motors as an axis control method. I'm interested to see how this project turns out.

  2. I am also curious as to how it connects to and is controlled by the computer. Also how stable is it? I would very much like to get some more information as I will be undertaking a similar project shortly.

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