USB LED indicator Power Bank from Laptop Battery

A situation many can relate to: an empty smartphone battery and no outlet around! That’s exactly why I recycled an old laptop battery into an USB power bank. Follow the link for the full article with close ups of the electronics and insights into the building process. This article will show you the basic powerbank circuit consisting of Lithium cell […]

Simple Rotating Plate

Sometimes you would need a simple rotating plate for various applications but you don’t want to install a lot of sensors and transistors. Well, here’s a simple solution! With this rotating disk you can decide if you want to rotate full 360° back and forth or any other angle! Read more for the complete article!This post was sponsored by Farnell Electronics. […]

Electric Bycicle

Since public transportation is very expensive in Munich ( about 100€/month ) and driving a car is not an option due to traffic jams I decided to test something on the cheap: This is my electric bycicle! Its driven by a 300W electric washing machine motor and runs at an Voltage of 24 Volts. According to the manufaturer it spins […]