Electric Bycicle

Since public transportation is very expensive in Munich ( about 100€/month ) and driving a car is not an option due to traffic jams I decided to test something on the cheap:
This is my electric bycicle! Its driven by a 300W electric washing machine motor and runs at an Voltage of 24 Volts. According to the manufaturer it spins at 3000 rpm.
Video after the break!

Some more pictures for you!
This is one of the two 12V 12AH batteries I used.
 In this picture you can see the on and off switch which i mounted right next to the brakes.
And last but not least there’s a little video!


  1. DAMN. have you worked out the wattage pulled by the motor, and how many kWh the batteries can provide? vs the actual run time??? i would love to see the percent effectiveness!

  2. Where did you get that kind of DC motor from a washing mashine? I thought they were AC motors and not only 24 volts! Would be a cheap way to get motors for small projects (robots etc)

  3. This is cool, but didnt you get trouble with the police???
    Afaik the maximum power allowed for pedelec, here in germany and the whole EU is 250Watts.

  4. Those wires are too small, for me. I think they gonna get hot when you have load (uphill) and you'll gonna waste energy.

  5. Nice try !
    Could you give the reference of the washing machine motor, it would be precious for evryone ?
    Thanks again

  6. Nice one!
    It would be nice to know which motor you used…
    Also if you wheter used an Inverter (from AC to DC) or not.
    I'm looking forward to disassembling my old washing machine 🙂
    Thanks for sharing thuis

  7. Best I can see you made a pully wheel about 5 inches from wood and attached to the motor.Then you put some rubber around the wood and use that to connect to drive wheel.I will washing machines but I assumed that inn Europe they were ~240volts AC and in USA were 110v AC I Will check that. ~9 amps draw with 24 volts makes it about ~220watts .I2 amp batteries are not great range probably ~15 miles. cheap and cheerful would suit my needs.Well done

  8. can you tell me the exact make and model of the bicycle you show in these photos? I just purchased one just like this here in the United States and I can't find any info on it! I was also wanting to know the price of the bike. (I love the motor idea too…I just need to know about the bicycle though.) Please email me if you can at fowlertami@gmail.com Thanks!!!

  9. For all the people asking about the motor, i can tell you that it is made by Unite, it's a permanent magnet DC motor made in china, they can be found for sale on THE auction website by typing in "electric scooter motor" you'll find many power variants at reasonably good prices.

  10. Drive wheel is a wooden wheel with a piece of rubber wrapped around. Bought it at the local hardwarestore for some bucks. How did I attach it? Simply put it on the shaft and screw a screw on it. I can't explain how i mounted the motor but you should be able to take a look at the photos!

  11. is it sad that the first thing that came to mind is to buy a brand new washing machine just for the dc moter ?

    epic idea (:

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