Firecracker Crossbow

First of all let me wish everyone of you a happy new year! While celebrating new year’s eve I thought of this little device, that will allow you to ligth and shoot firecrackers to safe distance! Click here to see detailed pictures and a video demonstration! I took an old wooden toy crossbow, sawed off the handle and replaced it […]

Weather Balloon Kit

If you’ve ever seen amazing pictures taken by astronauts from the ISS you’ll understand the fascination of seeing the world from above. And thats exactly what I am going to do! Sadly I won’t be able to go to space…  I plan on launching a weather ballon to an altitude of 30 km (30 kilometers = 98 425 feet) and this […]

Visit at the Max-Planck Institute for plasma physics

Due to a second prize I won at a science competition here in Germany, I additionally got an invitation to the Max-Planck Institute for plasmaphysics. You’ve probably heard of nuclear fusion (read more). The scientist at the IPP deal with fusion’s problems on earth. There are two kinds of fusion reactors: 1.The stellarator   2. The Tokamak At the IPP there’s one […]

Ball throwing machine

Some time ago I started building a little ball throwing machine intended to entertain my dog. I didn’t really finish it due to lack of time but here you can see what I ended up with:  More pictures and videos after the break! The basic design is a conveyer belt driven by a geared motor. There’s a pin attached to […]

Neuralizer Wannabe

I think all of you are familiar with M.I.B? Good! Then you should know this device: So I built my own memory-ereasing neuralizer: It uses a flash circuit from an old disposable camera and doesn’t quite match the original, but it was good enough for a local theme party!  One button for charging the other for flashing! This was a […]

Barbecue fan

The first question: If you want to know what emerges from the combination of these four gadgets, read more after the break! The combination of these gadgets isn’t difficult at all. Just see for yourself: normal computer fan  Just remove the fanblade from an old, small computer fan. Be careful and don’t break the ballbearing – you can use it […]

Laser triggered waterbomb trap

Back at school I built a little trap in order to fool some other pupils. At first I took apart an old CD-drive and removed the laser-moving unit: the laser unit The laser unit will be used as our trigger mechanism. Just solder a connection to the motor and add a needle to the moving part. The needle will move […]

Angular momentum 3d stabilizer

Some time ago I wanted to build a cube that could seemingly defy the law of physics and balance on its edges or corners. To achieve this aim I decided to use spinning weights which would create a large angular momentum. So if the angular momentum gets bigger than the gravitational force, the cube would remain in its position even […]


Solar Mp3 Speaker Some time ago I bought a nice little cubic speaker with volume control and internal batteries. So I decided to combine the speaker with another two gadgets I had lying around: Old Mp3-Player Old solar garden lamp I took apart the solar garden lamp and used the solar cells as a powersource for my old Mp3-Player. I […]

Mars World

Mars World After I built my little rover I decided to create a small model of mars’ surface. The rover should drive around in this model while being observed through a webcam. I took original NASA photos and built a artificial horizon: Original NASA Images: This is the result: and out the rover’s sight: Just as if you drove around […]