Homemade Iron Man Arc Reactor Mark 1

It is not a secret that I am a huge Iron Man fan.  I fulfilled myself a dream building my own Arc Reactor! Click here to see the rest!At the beginning I designed all the parts in Adobe Illustrator. I cut them out of 2mm thick acrylic with the help of a lasercutter.  I am currently giving away the plans […]

Airsoft Turret

This is an update on my latest project, a fully functional airsoft sentry gun!  Click here and take a look at the detailed pictures,plans and videos! Let’s start with the basic material. All parts were cut out of 2 or 3 mm PMMA Acrylic glass. I used Inkscape to generate the gears and since the lasercutter I could use ran […]

Motion activated Airsoft Turret

This is my latest project: It is a motion activated fully automatic airsoft turret. Click here for pictures and videos of the turret in action!  I made a little demonstration video which includes test firing the airsoft turret:The most important component of this turret is the G36 Airsoft Gearbox. I removed it from a G36 Rifle which was converted to […]

Automatic Tea Timer

Getting cold outside drinking a hot cup of tea is one of my favourites. But all tea enthusiasts know when cooking a cup of tea timing is crucial. One or two minutes too long and your tea will become bitter. That’s why I built this little automatic teabag lifting timer to do the work for me!  If you want to […]

Remote Controlled Water Squirt Gun

It’s summer! It’s hot and this will help you cooling down! Read more for the whole story including videos and pictures! Here’s the video about the whole project: It all started with this little 6€ automobile water pump I bought on Amazon. I attached the pump to an empty bottle and mounted both on a piece of wood. Then the […]

Camera Stabilizer

I had some spare aluminum lying around and I decided to do something useful with it. Here you can see a simple camera stabilizer rig I built out of screws,washers and aluminum –  perfect for shooting movies while walking! Read more This is the basic setup. Take a look at the animations and you will see which degrees of freedom […]

Flat Ipod Shuffle Connector

I am using my Ipod Nano for years now and I have to say Apple did a good job with this little Mp3 player. There was only a little problem with the connector since it was very cumbersome and I wanted to take it with me in my laptop bag.  Thats why I disassembled the plug : Read more for […]

Bluetooth Keyboard Light

I recently purchased a nice wireless bluetooth miniature keyboard in order to control my computer and beamer from the couch. There was a little problem, whenever it was dark i couldn’t find the right keys on the keyboard! Thats why I installed a little Led lighting up the whole keyboard! Read more for the whole Mod! I opened up the […]

Night Vision

Yes, thats right! I will show you how to build a fully functional night vision device!  Press read more for the whole How-to! At first you will need an old analog camcorder. I bought 3 of them for 10 € on ebay. They are very cheap and full of useful electronics. The part we’re interested in is the viewfinder on […]