Ball throwing machine

Some time ago I started building a little ball throwing machine intended to entertain my dog. I didn’t really finish it due to lack of time but here you can see what I ended up with:  More pictures and videos after the break! The basic design is a conveyer belt driven by a geared motor. There’s a pin attached to […]

Neuralizer Wannabe

I think all of you are familiar with M.I.B? Good! Then you should know this device: So I built my own memory-ereasing neuralizer: It uses a flash circuit from an old disposable camera and doesn’t quite match the original, but it was good enough for a local theme party!  One button for charging the other for flashing! This was a […]

Airconditioning for the cheap

It’s a hot summer and it’s not getting colder running my pc all day long. So i decided to do something about the heat inside my room: Read more after the break! At first I have to explain what a peltier-element does: If you hook it up to a battery, one side will cool and the other site will get […]